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Hi, i got my iphone 5 yesterday , the battery is dying too fast, i have bluetooth and wi fi off and i close the applications runnings this are the stats right now    Battery is 32% usage is 3 hours with 39 mins and standby 9 hours , should i report the problem to apple? please help me, thanks

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    Restore iPhone with iTunes (10.7) on computer, when prompted at end, Set Up iPhone as New. Then see if battery is better. If not, then make Genius reservation and take iPhone to Apple.

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    Thanks, like how much should be in 1% , like how many usage and standby , thanks

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    After waiting a month for my iphone it finally came in  last wednesday and same thing with mine. I don't even go on it that much to save it and the battery percent goes down by the minute.. Is it just my phone or is it a software problem? I have had my iphone 3g for 3 years and my battery lasted throughout the day even on it's last leg. I never had the 4 so i can't compare that to the 5.