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I need a new desktop for home and I am looking at getting a new MacMini, the quad-core model to be exact. I have seen tons of posts about issues with the HDMI. Should I wait for Apple to fix this issue or just get one now and recieve the fix when everyone else does? Also is the issue hardware or software related???

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Nobody has notified me about that problem. If you're going to use HDMI on the Mac mini, you should wait until everything is in order again, or buy an older Mac mini

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    look here on the forums. there is a bunch of posts about video issues running hdmi

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    Don't buy a late 2012 Mac Mini.

    If yours was defect, you probably get it exchanged. However, there are lots of reports that the replacement Minis display the same problems. There seems to be a serious hardware issue. Maybe the graphics chip, maybe the hdmi port 'only'.

    There are doubts that there can be a software fix. (Given that the intel graphics chip used in the current mac minis also diplayed a similar behaviour when it was launched earlier tis year.) None of the mentiond workarounds (see blackout posts) seem to be reliable solutions for troubled machines. Apple's silence also suggests that the problem may be severe...

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    Mac mini late 2012 i7 2.3 (6,2)


    I just tried windows on my mac to discard driver issues on OSX, but HDMI works bad also, I think we need a firmware upgrade or something ASAP.


    tired of trying diferent displays and configs, This definetly needs a fix from Apple regarding HDMI on IntelHD4000

    I think we need to wait or at least hear something from Apple ASAP.



    BAD (too white, colors are like burned)

    Thunderbolt - HDMI



    GOOD (sadly but true on an old monitor)

    Thunderbolt - VGA

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    You can get it and if it does not work, return it. There are still some people that do not have issue with their mac minis.

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    Do NOT buy the 2012 Mini. Don't give these crooks your money!


    I initially thought I was one of the lucky ones who escaped the problem. No such luck.


    I am returning my late 2012 Mac Mini tomorrow. No problems for me for about the first five days of ownership, and then on the fifth day I experienced my first screen blackout, then another that same day. On the seventh and eighth days, another blackout each. But still no huge deal, because these 2-second blackouts barely qualified as an inconvenience, even though it was somewhat worrisome to me that a brand new, expensive computer should be acting up like this.


    Yesterday, I had my first snowy screen outage right after a blackout, and then another...had one even while trying to log in at MacRumors to post about this very issue. Required force quitting the computer because it was of course completely unresponsive at that point.


    I have had my fill of this crap.


    My advice? Skip the 2012 altogether unless Apple comes clean on the fraud they seem to be trying to put over on us. This stuff they're selling is not fit for consumption.

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    The problem seems to be the HD4000 graphics itself and the HDMI

    interface to it, as there are many threads starting to showing up on

    Windows machines with similar problems.  This could very well be an

    Intel problem with HD4000.


    Not positive about this, but it seems that the issue is strictly connecting

    to HDMI devices.  If the connection is via a Display Port -> VGA,

    Display Port -> DVI-D, or Thunderbolt -> Thunderbolt Display, the issue

    does not exist.


    Personally, I was really disappointed that the new Minis totally dropped

    the discete graphics option of the past Minis.

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    Not positive about this...

    In most cases ths is true, but I've read several instances where even TB to DVI does it.


    Yes, very disappointing Minis... & the new non-shipping iMacs are an even more disappointment as last speced.

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    Definately wait unless you want to connect Thunderbolt to DVI and don't care about HDMI. Remember you will still buy a mini with a known fault and restrict yourself to not using HDMI for the foreseable future.


    I really wouldn't!!!

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    After months of thinking about whether I should buy a new mini or have a go at putting together a hackintosh I was all ready to place mr order today.  Then I ran into these discussions and I am so glad I did.  No way I'm buying a mini now.  -1 for Apple.  Boo, hiss.

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    It should be noted that not all the 2012 Minis have a problem.

    There does seem to be an alarming number of them but there

    is as yet no documented percentage of failed devices.


    It is also not known at this point whether failed devices are

    early production or later and if issue is resolved in newer

    production units or a bad batch of chips is at fault.


    In any event, it is a roll of the dice.  You may roll snake eyes,

    you may not.

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    the only thing why u should buy mini 2012 is 4g ram and 4 port usb 3.0

    peace lol         

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    To be honest I would wait, with one thread on the screen problems running to 25 pages and another running at 7 pages I think the chances of getting a MM without a problem are pretty slim myself. If indeed there is such a thing as a fault free MM!


    Some people seem to think there are MM out there without a problem, I remained to be convinced myself.


    Your best bet is to wait for a proper fix, or the next model of MM which hopefully will be OK.


    I am one of those who's MM was captured by Apple and it has been sent back to California. Currently I am waiting for a replacement but there seems to be a hiccup in the system. The Apple Care assistant that was looking after my case no longer seems to be working for Apple! So when I contacted them to find out when my replacement was due they didn't even know if my machine had even arrived with them. Luckily I had the tracking number so could tell them the time and the person that signed for it.


    I am still waiting to hear from them about my replacement. All in all not the best experience I would have hoped for!