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Why does Apple not have a e-mail support anymore .
Why is it that i cannot find anywhere on the apple site a email adress that i can send a request or question to anymore since i-phone 5 and IOS 6.0.1 .
I wanted to ask them about a issue i have with bluetooth and headphone use , and that the i=phone5 does not support the v2.0 A2DP profile anymore .
I am sure this is pure software profile related and nothing to do with hardware .


I got a Nokia bluetooth headphone BH604 set which works fine , but does not want to corelate with i-phone5 .
I already have done away with a brandspanking new docking station 30pin connector clock device because of the new pin set-up .
Am i now also forced buying yet another item in force of commerce perspective , so i join the throw away culture of our world ?
I thought that the mobile devices of apple would be more ground breaking user friendly and sustainable inviromental friendly ?
Will i get back 70 euro's from apple if i send them the device back because they forgot to add and adjust ?

iOS 5.1