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I recently added a Mac Mini to my home network mix.  It is running as my media server.  However, the rest of the computers in the house are PCs.  I also purchased a thunderbolt cable Lacie 4 TB network storage.  I'm having network access issues when connecting from a PC.  I can connect just fine, and have all of the rights figured out.  However, when I'm transferring large files (such as movies to the media server), it errors out and looses the connection part way through the file transfer (See attached picture of error).  If I go to the mac and pull the data it works fine.  If I try to do anything from the Windows 7 PC side of things, it looses the connection.

I've tried multiple windows 7 computers, I've tried replacing the thunderbolt cable, I've tried replacing the network cables and different ports on the routers.  I've tried eliminating the Lacie harddrives and the error still exists if I'm coping to a folder directly on the mac.  The only time I can get it to work properly is if I do the work from the Mac side of the network.


Any suggestions?

Network Error.jpg