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I have a created a large imovie project in imovie 6 using pictures and imported video.  The project uses a lot of extracted audio voice overs on top of the photos. 


While trying to export the video to quicktime or idvd, the audio gets out of synch at various points.  I have tried exporting it many times using a variety of different options, and the audio remains out of synch, sometimes in different places with each export.  Lastly, I have extracted the audio from the video clips for some of the more problematic portions of the project, but that has not proven successful.


The odd thing is that the movie plays perfectly while in imovie.


Any suggestions as to how to correct this issue?

Mac OS X (10.6.8), imovie 6.0.3
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    Tedious situation.


    To avoid this I'm kind of strict in Audio in two ways



    • Material used if video is in same frame per minute - else I use JES_Deinterlacer to convert all to one standard. I use PAL = 25fps - one of my Cameras records ONLY in 30fps - (some people records in 24fps - to get a movie feel - I never)


    So keeping the fps from Camera to (in my cases) DVD - gives a supperior result



    • I'm strict in the kind of Audio formats I use - ONLY .aiff (or from miniDV tape Cameras) AND THEN 16-bit 48kHz or from Audio-CD (still .aiff as on normal CDs) and here 44.1kHz


    If Camera is set to record in LP-mode or 12-bit Audio - Then I use an external Audio Editor to get this right


    If from iTunes - I never use this directly - BUT - collect needed audio into a New PlayList - BURN THIS as a Standard Audio-CD (NO .mp3 - but .aiff here too) and then use the files on this CD in my movie project's in iMovie HD6 or FinalCut any varsion (or if forced to - iMovie'11)


    Else read this


    Audio Sync problems


    • 12.bit - should be 16.-bit (from miniDV tape - set Camera right)

    Avoid recording in LP-mode on miniDV tape. This tape must be play-backed by same Camera. When Camera dies

    so does the video material in worst case.


    • .mp3, .avi etc strange file formats - should be converted to .aiff 48kHz 16-bit


    • in iMovie (up to HD6) - do - Extract Audio - it most often helps


    • from iTunes - collect into a PlayList then Export out as an Audio-CD (not .mp3) and use the files on this (.aiff 44.1kHz)


    • There seems to be a problem with slow-down resp speed-up. Has to be in specific steps as 25% 50% 150% 200%

    else problems will arise


    • Audio problems when transitions is in use - especially iMovie HD/HD6

    a. Select video clips

    b. Extract Audio (Advance menu/Extract Audio)

    c. Now apply transition

    d. eventually fine-tune end and start of extracted audio clips


    Yours Bengt W

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    Thank you for the reply.  All good tips for avoiding the problem in the future, but unfortunately I'd still have to rebuild the project to apply. 


    As I'm about out of solutions and the movie does play correctly while in imovie, my last thought would be to record the video/audio output as the project plays on my computer from the imovie program?  Does anyone know if such an ap exists?