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Is the turbo boost something that brings the installed processor up to the stated speed and really works as if that processor was installed?  why not just have the higher processor available for install?


Is there anyway to get the Samsung Display opposed to the LG?  I do not think so and I have not tried to call the Apple order phone number, but I am hoping that if I call and ask they might help me get the Samsung retina display. I can feel the "NOs" coming with this question but I thought I would ask anyway.


I have tried to look through these posts and see if there is anything else I should be aware of when configuring the retina MBP 15"  If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate it. I am upgrading the SSD and adding iWorks, or the 3 programs need to be added seperately.


Does the 15" retina display get 2880x1800 Retina display?

Is there anyway to get the machine with the SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) or do you have to order the SuperDrive? Does this take advantage of the USB 30 connection?


Finally, any good personal expereinces with added speakers that really make the sound beyond beleif? I wil be using this machine for teaching and many of the DVDs are produced by a guy who puts a lot of work into the sound. I would like to take full advantage of this with a great set of external speakers. Are they making any speakers that use the thunderbolt cable technology to connect the speakers into the retina MBP? what about the USB 3.0?


O, one more. this machine uses USB 3.0. If I purchase some of these cables to use for various connections, does the Apple MBP retina dispaly require any special kind of this cable?



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