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Hi Guys


Ok a bit of a strange thing going on here.


I use disk images of DVD's to store my aperture images and I keep them online but dismounted untill I burn to DVD. I recently created 8 new images and copied photos to them (all JPG, CR2 and a couple of PSD and TIFF).


Yesterday I installed FCPX and on start it mounts 2 of those Aperture images. There are no video or FCP files on the images, I have double checked. It is always the same 2 images that are mounted. I moved the images to a different HD, but FCP still found and mounted them.


I then completely deleted the images, and recreated them but left them empty, so as created by disk utility. FCP still mounted them.


Just to be clear, before starting FCP the only disks mounted are my system SSD and an external thunderbolt drive. All other disks and images are unmounted.


Any ideas whay FCP would auto mount unmounted images?

Any ideas how to stop it?


I have already tried a complete deinstall of FCP removal of preferences etc as per the support site, and a new install.


Very strange behaviour as the other 6 images are never auto mounted.


I am in a 27" iMac, ML 10.8.2, FCPX 10.0.6

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion, iPhone, MacMini and more.