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What is the best calendar app?

iPhone 5
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    I use the native Calendar app.

    What you exactly need from a Calendar app?

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    rock01 wrote:


    What is the best calendar app?

    Best for whom?


    The best one for me is the built in app.


    No idea which one best suits your needs.

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    just curious ....if any app was better that the native




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    For the Week Cal is the most productive I have found.

    Templates for regularly occurring meetings and one tap meeting creation, auto color and icons for quick reference, pull all meeting attendees tel numbers into the meeting should you need to call them. Addresses connect directly to maps, Waze etc for one touch getting to meetings. Works on iPad and iPhone yada, yada.

    I have tested a few but for Sales this is the best I have found for me.


    (When I had a windows device I used Agenda Fusion, which was awesome, bringing together calendars, contacts and tasks.....this is the closest I have found to that. They need to connect the tasks next......that would be fantastic)