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A few months ago my mid-2010 MBP's display went awry and the keyboard and trackpad stopped not working. I brought it to the genius bar for repair and ended up getting the logic board, top case, and battery replaced for $$ (out of warranty and don't have Applecare). The problems have been happening again for the past few weeks, especially when I restart. When restarting, I am unable to type or click, and usually just repeatedly restart or wait a long while until both start magically working again. Also, my new battery's life is shorter lived than when I first bought the computer, maybe 4-5 hours with wifi off and low brightness. I need to take it into apple, but fear that I will be charged again for the same problem that was supposedly fixed. Does anyone have experience with this kind of situation, and if so did you have to pay again for the same repair??


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)