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Hi! So I want to get an Iphone 5 in USA, but for a use in Latvia. A short time ago there was an opportunity in att.com to get a no-commitment Iphone for $649, now there even is not this possibility. So how can I get it? Or it is impossible?
My friend, who lives in San Francisko now, wanted to buy it, but Apple answered that he can't get it without commitment in USA and he probably need to go to Canada. What is this about? I just can't get a phone because of this sick policy? Please explain me how this all works.

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    Unlocked iPhone 5's have not been released in the US yet. Buying a no commitment iPhone would be useless as it would still be locked to AT&T.


    If you want one to use in Latvia buy from a country that sells unlocked iPhone 5's - such as the UK.

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    You don't want an AT&T USA iPhone for Latvia. You'll be subjected to hundreds of Latvia money by roaming charges. It's locked to the country it's bought from.


    You can go on store.apple.com and select iPhone. Find your country or closest one without roaming charges involved and buy it.


    Another is to own an iPad and a Latvia based phone that does hotspot.

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    Apple has not yet released the unlocked version in the US. Please note that a no-commitment phone from AT&T will not be unlocked.

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    But what do you think about the opportunity to buy a locked Iphone and then unlock it in Latvia?

    We are able to buy Iphone5 in Latvia, you know, but here you also must have 2 year contract and it costs about 1470 $ - what is two times higher price...

    An assistant in ressellers shop said that I can buy locked version and then unlock it here, but then most probably will start many issues etc. So you suggest to buy it from UK?

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    Only the network to which it is locked can unlock an iPhone, so if you buy a phone elsewhere, you won't be able to get it unlocked in Latvia.


    Buying from the UK, or any other country that sells officially unlocked iPhones is your best bet. Also, if you buy from another EU country, your warranty will be valid.

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    Note that you can have differences in the CHANNELS used in the LTE GSM networks. So it is not absolutely certain the iPhone will work in another country! And do'nt forget about the warranty problem too.