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While loading a large web page, launching the App Store or iTunes my iPod touch 4th Gen is dropping the wi-fi for a second or two then returning on its own. It does it intermittently but I notice it happen when the device is loading a page on the web or an that requires data to load. At one one point the iPod got very slow while trying to get here by going to Apple.com and going through the sign in and lost wifi for a longer period if time than I noticed before.  A lot of times it's quick but I'll notice the wi-fi icon disappear and reappear at the top left of the screen.  I've reset network settings and powered my device off and on which didn't solve it, then just now I restored my iPod as new and to my surprise did nothing. Problem continues its usual way.  Is this a known bug in the new 6.0.1 that others have complained about as well cause prior to 6.0 and 6.0.1 this never happened to my iPod. To me it seems it only happens when the there is not enough CPU or too much processing for the device.


My iPhone and iPad are both on the same wi-fi network but have experienced this issue so I've sorta ruled out it being the wi-fi network. Also reset my router but did nothing as well. I realize this an iPhone community but the iPhone guys are a bit more knowledgeable about iOS then the iPod touch guys. Thanks.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6