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I'm Disabled&Going2Buy iPadMini

What  Accessories Should I Buy?


Charging Stand?

Cover W/ Wireless Keyboard&Mouse?


Connector4My MacBook?

Way2Optimize Siri Use?




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    I would suggest your own research. None of us knows the nature of ur disability, nor do we know the manner of intended use. Impossible to help, sorry.

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    "Disabled" really doesn't tell us much. Are you visually impaired? Are you paralyzed? Do you have a learning disablity? Without knowing what your limitations and strengths are, no one could make any sensible suggestions. The more information you can give, the better the answers you'll get. 


    Best of luck.

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    yes to all you can get all these things but sounds like you will need a face to face to find out what would help you the most or even over the phone apple can help you with this by going to one of there stores or phoning them up.

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    Charging Stand? 



    Cover W/ Wireless Keyboard&Mouse?

    Covers - Yes 

    Wireless Keyboards - Yes(Bluetooth models)  

    Mouse - No support in iOS for mouse use


    Stylus? -

    Yes many third party styli available


    Connector4My MacBook?

    Included cable


    Way2Optimize Siri Use?

      Learned through use




    Built in accessibility features that can be configured and include


    Voice Over


    Large text

    High Contrast/Reverse colours

    Speak selection

    Speak Auto-text


    Hearing Aid loop connection

    LED flash alerts (Uses LED Camera flash)


    Assistive touch -adds wide area control blob if you have motor control deficiencies.