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I have a 15" Late 2008 MacBook Pro with 8 Gig of RAM and a 256 SSD. I am running 10.8.2 and iTunes 10.7 (21). I subscribed to iTunes Match shortly after it was introduced.



About a week or two ago I discovered a serious problem with my iTunes songs. Any songs that are in iCloud and matched will no longer play. If I try to play them iTunes just skips them. It I try to download a song I receive an error message that says



"This computer is already associated with an Apple ID. You can use iTunes Match on this computer with just one Apple ID every 90 days. This computer can be used with a different Apple ID in 72 days."



After a delay of a few seconds a second error screen appears which says "There was a problem downloading" + song. Error 11111.



Oddly enough, I created a different user on this computer 18 days ago. It is my wife. I imagine the error happened then.



I do not have all of my songs downloaded. When I purchased iTunes Match, I did so in part to preserve space on my SSD and for the convenience of having everything stored in the cloud.



I would very very much appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide me.

2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)