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this is a bit convoluted, but...


I have Autocad 2002 and my old 2000 copy of xp home that came with my desktop.  I want to load both onto my MBP 17, mid-2009 2.93 8G ram currently running mountain lion.  I have parallels 8 loaded and installed the xp OS ok and tried to proceed to upgrading it with SP2 and SP3, starting with the windows update.  IE crashes on opening and the MS site wont give me a download over a alternate browser.  I would think that the old IE is too old to work, but how to get a working version of that to get the updates to work? Oh, and automatic updates does the same.  the window opens, the connection is made, and appears in the IE window, the the 'has to close' error appears.  whats the best work around?  I cant afford to upgrade everything, and Acad 2002 doesnt run on win 7, virtual or not.  can i install xp thru bootcamp on mountain lion?




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    Windows XP is not supported with Lion or Mountain Lion. It will work at least on Lion but you have to install it while operating with 10.6.8 and update drivers while in Snow leopard. Then you upgrade to Lion but be prepared to have trouble with any newer add ons since there will be no drivers available.


    The instructions state you need  "Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later (32-bit version only)" so installing and upgrading XP SP1 will not be possible.

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    Thanks. I slipstreamed xp with sp2 and installed it and it seems to run fine in parallels 8.