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I recently had to have a logic board and a video card replaced under Applecare, (get it, I have always needed my iMacs fixed). I have 'Carbonite' installed as backup. My activity monitor (when Carbonite is running) is showing that Carbonite is really working the 4 cores of the processor. Between 75 and 99%. My fan NEVER ran really loud before on this iMac, or my last two iMacs. I have used Carbonite as a backup for the last three years. The reason for the logic board and video card burning up MAY have been that the fan did NOT come on.


I'm going through a lot of phone calls with Carbonite to see if they have any answers. In the meantime I'm disabling Carbonite. So far the loud fan is not coming on.


Does anyone else have the problem of a very loud fan running?  And why do you think that is?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion, Launchpad not working properly