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I have a friend who will be purchasing an ipad for her son for christmas. she has no computer. she has no wifi nor internet access. she is basically country, poor, and uneducated. she likely not be getting the sim card version, she lives in a remote area where cell recepetion is non-existant. She asked if i could sync the device so that my son's ipad and hers could have the same games and applications. I'm thinking that the only way that this would be possible is if i connected the device to my computer or account. I think it would be difficult to sync the device to my own computer on a daily basis. I am thinking it would be possible if the ipad were noted as one of my five devices allowed by apple for such things. I have an old 2006 macbook which i probably was going to sell, but it isn't worth much. I have a 2000 g3 imac in a closet. I have a few old windows PC's in a shed. Should i give her one of those computers so that she will be able to sync games and backup her ipad? would she need to know my password if she were linked into my itunes account? since she doesn't have internet, would the ipad connect and sync off of the library or school's wifi, which i assume is free and publicly accessible. is the icloud thing free? Would it be better to wipe one of those old computers and set her up with her own itunes account, so that her backups and itunes account are her own domain?

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    Your Apple ID can have up to 10 devices and computers (combined) associated with it

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    Think I'll just give her the macbook, update it to snow leopard, set her up with her own apple ID. She can sync and backup the ipad device, and have more control over what apps get installed. the schoolbus somehow has a wifi connection, but I think she should invest in an internet connection of her own.