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Hi.  I have read many threads but cannot seem to find a thread that hits my specific, and likely simple question.  After experiencing a couple of instances over the past week where we temporarily lost internet connectivity in my apartment, and my Airport Utility could not find my AEBS, I am starting to think it may be time to replace my 2nd gen AEBS with a new one.  (I also use a Apple Express to extend my network, but I think that device is okay.)


So, I am inquiring about the simplest way to swap out AEBS's.  I do not want to change my configuration in any way, just merely replace one AEBS with another.  Are there any specific steps I need to take in the Airport Utility to ensure a seamless transition? (e.g. modem connection, wireless network, continued use of my Express to extend my network, other settings).


Devices:  I currently have a 2nd generation Apple Extreme Base Station that is about 4-5 years old.  I also have a one year-old Apple Express that I use to extend my network.  My cable modem is a Ubee DOCSIS 3.0 DVW3201B from Time Warner Cable.  I use Windows 7 on all computers, and have multiple wireless devices (printer, iPads, phones, TV, DVD, etc).  I routinely get 50mbps down and about 5mbps up.


Thanks! - Steve

Airport Extreme Base Station, Windows 7
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    By the looks of it you are using Windows 7 and I am not sure if you have the same settings in the Airport Utility for Windows.

    Normally you would connect to the Airport Extreme (or Express) and from the top menu of Airport utility choose Export Configuration File.

    Then load it on the new AE with simmilar steps but last one.


    Also not sure if you really have problem with teh Export extreme. This is router and it either works or it doesn't. The problem may be somewhere else and you may find out that replacing will not help - but may as well.


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    Thanks tzbikowski. I will give it a bit more time before I swap out the AEBS router then. Windows 7 does have the export configuration file option in Airport Utility. I will be sure to export my settings in the event I do replace the AEBS.