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I've built a local network at home with a airport extreme and two airport expresses. All my Mac's are connected wireless. Only my NAS (WD Livebook), my Apple TV and my Philips Hue bridge are connected by ethernet cable tot the airport extreme.

The airport extreme is connected with the internet by antenna on my roof, connected wireless with a ADSL (beam) transmitter. Because I live in Italy sometimes Internet is down, because of whatever reason there is. Most of the times only for a few minutes, sometimes for some hours.


When internet is down, my local netwerk is also down. No streaming (movies, music) is possible, and I cannot use my Hue lights. The airport extreme always worked well with a normal modem, but after changing to the antenna I got this problem. (The light(s) on the airports are always green)


Something will be wrong with the settings of my extreme, but I can't figure out what and why.


Any suggestion? (I tried to change the setting of my airportextreme from 'Network off' to 'DHCP and NAT' but that did not work)

Mac OS X (10.7.5)