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    RestlessFool Level 2 Level 2 (380 points)

    You'll notice that beside the time-stamp on a post that it says who it is in response to, edwinappel, so it  appears that it is you who may have mixed up the replies if you thought that I was replying to you when I was replying to 888djshanghai... 


    '@' is helpful when replying to 'multiples' in a single response to differentiate which part of a posting is meant for which individual, but otherwise is/should be unnecessary here....omitting it makes life easier for the majority of people most of the time.....particularly if they use 'threading'....

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    edwinappel Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @Joseph Kriz: devices are fine. And settings are ok...

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    Scottyboy99 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Must chip in here. I think many people have problems but never find their way to the forums. Most people I know with iPads or iPhones are having issues in way or another with ios6. I feel it has not brought a n awful lot to the table other than glitches/bugs .


    For me I have most problems on my iPhone 4, whilst wifi works at home it is hit and miss. Often it will start to show zero upload on speedtest.net and whilst safari continues to work things like iTunes and App Store stop loading data. Toggling airplane mode or forgetting the network to rejoin do not fix. I have to reboot phone to get things working normal again but it always happens again at some point (sometimes within 24 hours or it might be ok for two or three days). This never happened on 5.1.1. I have updated firmware and fairly modern routers (netgear 3700/n600 and a Drayton 2820 access point). The problem shows itself on BOTH. Hotspots etc are also hit and miss. There is definitely an issue. It doesn't really like moving from cellular to wifi. It seems to glitch quite a bit. My ipad 3 seems to be holding ok with wifi but then it never a leaves my house as its a wifi only version. I really think in my case roaming seems to intro the wifi issues.


    Like I say ios6 has broke more than its improved. There are many issues, home sharing from iTunes is buggy as ****, the App Store is useless (slow and 1 app per search!) along with the wifi are the ones that irritate me greatly. Apple seems to change for the sake of change. Was ios 6 really needed? They should of focused on getting ios 5 perfect. I am sure same will happen within the imminent iTunes 11, it will cause more bugs and breakages.


    Why can't they restore the wifi code that served us so well in ios 5.1.1, it has been changed and caused immense disruption.


    Just my 2 cents.



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    Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6 (11,705 points)

    I actually have one minor problem with IOS-6 (including 6.01).


    The computer's iTunes will recognize my iPod only if it is NOT connected to a charger.  My iPad is original and is still on IOS-5.  It functions properly.


    I can temporarily resolve the issue by restarting my router.  The problem returns if I log off/on my computer. 


    Incidentally, my router is an Apple Express.

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    Avanderlinde Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just want to add the following....   I have 2 iphones and one iPad 2.   I also have an Airport Extreme at home.   Ever since upgrading to IOS 6.0 and even 6.0.1 WIFI has been causing me and my wife problems.   Networks I used to connect to like work for example now are a hassel and its usually a hit or miss.   The network at a hotel room I was staying at durring Hurracane Sandy also appeared to connect but I was not able to surf the web after a few seconds.   So I definitely see there is some kind of bug that hopefully apple is fully aware off and we are hopeful they will squash it when IOS 6.1 finally comes out if not sooner.  


    One thing I want to point out.  For some strange reason at home with Airport Extreme with latest firmware and I able to connect via WIFI with all my devices.   Although my iPad 2 WIFI speed appear to be alot slower after upgrading all my devices to IOS 6.0.1.   My take on this is that the firnware on the Airport Extreme and my IOS devices appears to agree with each other during the initial handshake or connection and remain so with no problem.   Other WIFI nextworks like at work which I used to connect with no problems either refuse to connect or appear to connect but no data flows through the WIFI.   Kind of frustrated and hopefully Apple wont ignore this thread with all the users so far that have reported similar issues with WIFI and IOS devices. I rather they  (Apple) take their time and squash this anoying bug once and for all...  Thanks

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    Joseph Kriz Level 5 Level 5 (5,045 points)

    Philly_Phan wrote:


    I actually have one minor problem with IOS-6 (including 6.01).



    The computer's iTunes will recognize my iPod only if it is NOT connected to a charger. 


    What iPod are you referring to? iPod Touch?

    That seems very strange. What on earth would this have to do whether it was plugged into a charger or not?

    I assume you are trying to sync wirelessly?


    Also, in reponse to the other poster, @edwinappel

    Our settings obivously are not the same.

    What is different between your settings and mine that work?

    Looks like you have some troubleshooting to do.


    Anyone and everyone that has visited my house has not had any problems connecting their devices to my wireless network once I have given them the password.

    Come on over and give it a try. Or, try some of your other friends devices if you get a chance.

    Something is not right somewhere.

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    Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6 (11,705 points)

    G4 iPod Touch.


    The issue is weird.  My iPod never fails to connect to the Internet and never fails to connect to my Apple TV.  The problem occurs ONLY when I want to sync wirelessly.


    iTunes on my Mac does not recognize the existence of the iPod unless it's DISCONNECTED from the charger (yes, you read that correctly).  However, if I restart my Airport Express (from the computer's Airport Utility), the iPod suddenly appears.  I can then quit and restart iTunes repeatedly and all is good.  The problem returns if I log off from the Mac and log back on again.


    Incidentally, my 5.1.1 original iPad does not exhibit this problem.

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    RestlessFool Level 2 Level 2 (380 points)

    Now, here's one of my two 'cents':


    I've found people who have multiple wireless access points in their homes, all using the same APN/SSID across routers and also using the same APN/SSID on 2.4 AND on 5GHz bands.


    Is it any wonder that 'some' devices (like those that can only use 2.4GHz and 'latch-on' to the strongest signal from the first Access Point for which it has security-capabilty to connect) stay connected to one router without issue, while others (like those that are registered on several routers by virtue of their 'agility', possibly across 2.4 and 5GHz bands, 'hunt' between Access Points, looking for the strongest signal) sometimes appear to be connected securely to one router and sometimes appear to be connected securely to another but still hunt between the two, disrupting service as they go?  This may also explain why the lesser-capable software version 'appeared' to work better for some (but only 'appeared' and only for some) than did the more-capable one for most because the lesser-capable one tried to cope with less 'variability'.


    Occam's Razor works well here, I've found:  Devices connect best when they have only one APN/SSID to use, yes, but NOT when there are multiple APs with the SAME APN/SSID!  'Simplify' does not mean make life easy for the user while making life impossible for the technology!  Networks CAN be extended with multiple APs but it is really not that easy when using multiple technologies from multiple vendors applying different standards of different protocols!  Perhaps this is why Airport Extremes/Expresses (newest versions) work best because they remove much of the understanding and thought processes which users might have to go through in order to be successful with other products, particular with extended networks?


    Yes, it's not impossible to mix&match technologies, just much more difficult to get to grips with if one hopes to be successful in turning the 'complex' into the 'simple'!


    I'm hanging on to the other 'cent' for now for the sake of simplicity (and sanity).....  

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    Joseph Kriz Level 5 Level 5 (5,045 points)



    I haven't tried that one yet.

    I also have an iPod Touch 4th generation but haven't tried syncing using wireless.

    I just plug it into the 30 pin cabe that is connected to my computer for syncing and charging.

    Only use the charge when away from home.

    Out of curiosity, why do you use the charger at home? Different room than the computer, convenience, etc?

    Can we assume this is an Apple charger as one didn't come with the iPod Touch?


    I think I will have to try that in the future to see if I get the same results as you.

  • 1,029. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6 (11,705 points)

    I use the charger at home because I keep the iPod downstairs while the computer is upstairs.  That's also the major reason why wireless syncing is valuable to me.


    It's an Apple 5W charger that came with a reallly old (now deceased) iPod classic.

  • 1,030. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Scottyboy99 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    The thing I find particulary poor with Apple and the whole wifi debacle is it's not as if they are dealing with variable hardware and drivers. What I mean is, they control their own hardware so they know exactly what is in their iPads and iPhones regarding wifi so they should be able to cope much better. My laptops work absolutely fine with all routers I have used (personal or hotspots) and have done so from windows XP through to Windows 7. Microsoft has to contend not only with the myriad of routers out there but also the myriad of wifi chipsets/drivers in the laptops alongside all sorts of weird and wonderful hardware combinations. Yet the thing just works with wifi whenever/wherever. Ok, apple has various routers to deal with but their hardware/IOS remains consistent so it should have a far greater chance of working right. It should be simple for them, what has changed from 5.1.1 to 6.01 in respect of wifi code - replicate the code. My wifi (under IOS 6) works to a degree but degrades over time or when roaming between access points. It had no problem handling it before, it should still be ok. It's not as if my routers are old, ok they are not cutting edge but Netgear 3700 and Draytek 2820 access point is pretty high end. My issue of failing upload manifests itself on both over time. A reboot of the phone fixes it but it always rears it's head again - that is a software issue. I am not techincal to that degree but some kind of memory leak or cache related problem ontop of all the issues many others are having. I suppose I should be grateful that mine works at all looking at some of the other posts.


    If Apple are so arrogant as to think everyone should upgrade their router to suit them that is pretty inexcusable. They want us to take on big new contracts with mobile firms (or hefty payments for phones outright) and then shell out in excess of £100 on new cutting edge routers. Well the average family man cannot afford this!!!! I spent a lot on my routers only last year, I still expect them to be good enough for the job! IOS 6 / 6.01 has been one big fail so far and they do not appear to be acting quick enough to right things. Stop trying to intro new garbage like Siri etc and actually make sure all your features actually work. Home sharing is another major mess up at the moment too!


    Final point is some people are actually having problems with even Apple's hardware like the airport extreme. That is ridiculous, apple's own hardware and IOS6 has caused issues. Obviously their Q&A testing wasn't upto much but if there are problems with wifi using an apple product with another apple product then the Q&A testing must of been non existent. Dire!

  • 1,031. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    ArgyStar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    There is one single simple overwhelming fact: Before iOS 6.0 no-one on this thread had a problem with WiFi.  After 6.0 and for many still after 6.0.1 WiFi problems of varying kinds remain.


    It can't be beyond the wit of Apple developers to know what changes thay made and to reverse them or remedy the cause of the problem.


    I have spent $80,000 worth of my professional time trying to figure things out and have come up with one consistent clue: iOS6 is using the SSID as a 'keep alive' signal.  If I turn off the SSID broadcast my WiFi stops instantly on my iPad 3 running iOS 6.0.1 and happily stays up on my son's iPad 2 still running iOS 5. So that is clearly a change that Apple made.  My suspicion is that the strength of the SSID broadcast is what is causing all the problems - when it is detected the WiFi works and when SSID is not detected it stops, regardless of the strength of the carrier signal.  I have no idea why Apple built this 'feature' into iOS 6 but it needs to be removed! 


    If you have control of your router's settings, try toggling SSID on and off to see if that correlates with your WiFi access availability.  If it does, see if you have an option to increase the broadcast power of your SSID, and that should reduce the problem.  Of course doing that means you create a risk of others using your network.  I do not want to broadcast my SSID and I should not have to!  If I suffer a network intrusion because I have had to broadcast my SSID on full power guess who I will hold liable?


    I hope this helps some of my fellow sufferers.  Please do report back to this forum if my solution works for you so we can at least see if it's viable for others to try as well.  And if it turns out to be the solution, I guess there's no chance Apple will compensate me one cent for doing their job for them!  We'll just get a new release and nothing will be acknowledged.  

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    hernanezequielmartinez Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Everyone,

            I'm pasively following this threads for a long time now. I'm quite dissapointed with apple about what's going on. I just bought the ipad in July, and in September, with iOS 6, I'm experiencing all kind of issues with the WIFI.


    Well, but that's not the reason I've the commitment to contact you all. I do belive that I've discovered something. Something that, neither you or other forums has pointed out: signal strength.


    The New iPad even thought, other devices, shows that you have full signal, but actually, I'm not quite sure that that's the case...


    Try this, every single time and it works:


    Try to connect to your network putting your iDevice with iOS 6, lay over your wifi router. It will connect inspite the configuration, inspite everything.


    Please, let me know if this worked for you. Perhaps we could figureout a workaround while Apple brings up a proper solution for this.


    Best regards,


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    applevictim Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    sorry ezequiel 

                           does nothing here, still the same old

    problems of short connection time shutoff incidents

    may be apple will fix it maybe not........ they don't

    give a **** nor will they until a everyone has left the


                 I have noticed the input of some little apple

    elves in this thread ( or maggots!) perhaps it would be

    better if they actually did some work on their company

    time instead of just being annoying to those who do

    have expensive problems. after all our companies do not

    give us iphones to play with , we pay.

         to whoever is in charge of ios 6 GET ON WITH IT !


                                               A V

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    hort22 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    this sounds about right for me...at work is broadcasting the ssid where "lately" i havent been having the problems with wifi...at home where i dont broadcast it where the wifi is slow to connect or respond.  nice find @ArgyStar!


    now if only apple would take care of it.

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