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I have several WiFi enabled devices connected to the latest Time Capsule and was hoping for any expert advice on how I can further improve the speeds and reliability of my WiFi network.


Here is my current setup.


Time Capsule (latest gen).

- Radio Mode: is set to 802.11a/n - 802.11b/g/n (Automatic)

2.4 GHz Channel: 1

5 GHz Channel: Automatic

Guest network is enables


I have my Mac and Apple TV connected to the 5GHz channel (Mac is within Line of Sight of my TC - the Apple TV is not, although the Apple TV settings show it is connected at full signal strength).


My iPhone, iPad and PlayStation 3 are connected to the 2.4 GHz channel.


I also have a Sonos WiFi music system which is connected to my router.


So far I have no issues with my current setup, but I'm always looking for better ways of making it better. Any suggestions would be appreciated (I'm not very versed in WiFi). Just to give you an idea for what I use my network for, I'm always downloading media on my Mac and playing online games, streaming movies to my Apple TV - listening to music through my Sonos system and browsing sites and using email on my iPhone and iPad.

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    I would suggest the following:

    • Change the Radio Mode to: 802.11n only (5 GHz) - 802.11b/g/n. Even better, if you don't have any 802.11b or g clients, change the 2.4 GHz radio to: 802.11n only (2.4 GHz)
    • Make sure that the "Use wide channels" option is enabled for the 5 GHz radio.
    • You selected channel 1 for the 2.4 GHz band. If you haven't already, I would recommend that you use a utility like iStumbler or inSSIDer to determine other Wi-Fi operating nearby. Note those with the strongest signal value, and then, change your 2.4 GHz channel to one at least 3-5 channels away. For example, if you find most operating on channel 1 or 6, change yours to 11.

    Also base station placement is important. Please check out the following AirPort User Tip for details.

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    Thanks for responding. I don't see these options you posted.


    Under radio mode, all I see are the following choices:


    - 802.11a/n - 802.11b/g/n (Automatic)

    - 802.11a/n - 802.11b/g

    - 802.11a - 802.11b/g


    There is no otpion to select "Use wide channels".

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    When you need more options, hold down the option key on your Mac while you click on the Radio Mode settings box


    The setting for wide channels is automatically enabled in AirPort Utility 6.x, so there is no setting for this if you are using Lion or Mountain Lion.

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    Brilliant! Thanks for the advise.