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hey, i recently had problems with my 3gs and restored with itunes, installing 6.0.1 on the phone. afterwards when i turned it on it asked me to activate the phone, its on o2 and i have an o2 sim inserted yet when i try to activate over wifi it says the servers are temporarily unavailable and if i try to do it with itunes it says no sim and to insert a sim card? iv tried 2 or 3 simcards and im at the end of my rope!!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.0.1
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    Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (25,970 points)

    There are 3 possible reasons this can happen:


    1. Your antivirus or firewall on your computer is blocking access to Apple's Activation Server at gs.apple.com


    2. Your phone is jailbroken or SIM-unlocked by someone other than Apple.


    3. Your computer was used to hack or jailbreak some device running iOS, not necessarily the phone with the problem.


    For 2. and 3. you can't get help in an Apple hosted forum.

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    it was bought off ebay, i never had it jailbroke whilst i owned it but there is no way of finding out if thats the problem?

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    If you bought it used it was probably hacked or jailbroken. There's no good solution to your problem; your phone will no longer work.

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    There have been reports of this issue occurring - I for one own a 32GB 3GS and have the same issue (and I have never jailbroken. Try updating to 6.0, and if that doesnt work, restore again. if not, It could be the sim I/O switch in the tray, which a Technician would have to look at for you.


    Hope I helped