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T - Tiger

SN/SL - Snow Leopard

ML/L - Mountain Lion/Lion


Not a quesion but marked to encourage....


So like many I found it would be cool to do the i7 quad core. Like many I ran into many of the reason why I was thinking I should have waited to add a 3rd mini.


Many reason why your apps don't work is because they were designed to run as 32-bit or their control panel was and even if it is 64-bit for legacy reason the developer may not have created a 64-bit panel. ML now only has a 64-bit preference unlike Snow and I haven't really played with Lion. The move off of Snow mean you have to make note of several items to deal with, not only all the things you loved with Tiger and lost with Leopard and then Snow, but updating applications with other vendors.


Clear the PRAM : Late 2012 - still need to do keyboard combo to get it to flush; no not just the pull power and wait 10 seconds, if you want to see the bar at the bottom during boot.


iPhoto was not available due to required 10.8.2; well iPhoto for Mountain Lion is 9.3.2 so get it and it will work with 10.8.1. Although I was loaded with 10.8.2 from the store, a factory reload put 10.8.1 back and iLife was gone. I did try my iLife Pack before realized it was the wrong version for ML.


Like many, I thought it was great to have a short one/two button hop to items (Not like the other guys 4/8 step together), yes Apple is moving to that too when they dropped app features. (lets not talk about FRONT ROW and ITUNES for now) - display menu bar is part of ML(extra items folder) just doesn't have all the shortcut settings.


LCD TV Monitors, you know the big 32/40 inch ones with HDMI. Ok the color is bad out of box with the HD 4000 Intel; but only because the previous Intel, NVidia and AMDs worked pretty well with defaults. (TWEAK your TV settings).


Ok the washed out look in safari and the missing activity option, live with it as there are work arounds and mainly it because the TEXT in SAFARI 6 has a 3D white shadow which give the double vision look.


So were do we go from here; now that I got iphoto working without 10.8.2 and the flicker is due to the auto detect feature and drivers. You will see the boot camp video drivers work much better the the OS drivers ( please we don't want to go backwards - work with intel and get good drivers and a panel tool that can work)


I know this is hard to follow and I will put some quick fixes here soon.



Mini Mac are the Best.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), have not tested SL with late 2012
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    Tips: Mac Mini Late 2012 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 ( note store was 10.8.2 but reduced when did recovery new install along with iLife gone).


    Subject: Intel HD 4000 and 32" LCD monitor. DYNEX


    First let me say out of box the older mac mini intel video (upgraded CPU) and running Snow Leopard display work with no changes. Clear sharp and great color no matter what LCD mode I set on Monitor(TV).


    NEW Mac Mini 6,1 : Display tweak needed. First off forget the calibrator for now. First step should be your TV/Monitor settings. (Not to be confused with HDMI Monitor (not TV: it workes fine out of box)


    What to use as a base image? The Preferences tool.


    Notice: If it was one solid color, this is wrong.


    Fix: The tool should show up a two tone color for each row.


    Adjust: brightness first to start seeing the change, then tweak with contrast and adjust brightness if need.


    It should look like this again, and wow it starts to make things so much better. Starting to like the New Mini again! If it was too bright you would have seen it favor the lighter color for the whole tool and all the colors on your display appear washed out looking.





    More: More tips and fix coming soon.


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    Just a side note on what this means.


    Basically the drivers default setting OS X 10.8.x is using is set pretty high for most HDMI TV displays. Intel and Apple really should work on a new display panel for the GPU, like they have for other OSs.


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    Display Color: ML 10.8.1


    So an update to the display issues with washed out color.


    As I told you before, an adjustment to the Monitor Setting is needed. However you need to also practice with the color calibration settings. This will help fine tune you resolutions too.


    As before this was not needed in Snow Leopard (SL), but thing seem to have changed as the driver don't auto detect as well or the profiles used are not that compatible with other vendors Monitors (HDMI TVs).


    After tweaking more with the color calibration and Colorsync it is moving along to a closer look that I had with SL.


    Yes it would still be nice if the would add a better tool panel for display.


    Also don't forget ML comes with a simple menu bar app under extra menu items in Library. I hear the Lion one works in ML, but I have to go back to see what that one looks like. (not sure if it like SL)

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    Intel HD 4000


    So the good and bad; as I new it just the drivers in ML.


    I was able to boot up 10.7.5 with the new late 2012; the best support worked fine; was until changed to other resolution ( no tweaks yet) that the displays washed out. Again this can be fixed by color profiles and tv tweaks.


    Fix:  better driver setting need for ML from both Intel and Apple.

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    So I am glade to report that I am happy with the HD 4000; although it required learning the calibration color mode and setting my Monitor (HDMI TV) custom setting, I have found profiles that work.


    Both for the default which is 1360x768(720p) and the 1024p.


    Settings for the backlight and set temp to cool. ( HDMI TV)


    So I continued to use the preference dialog and added this discussion page here, due to the blue and white theme with highlights used on this page.


    I did a grab picture of the windows so I can put them in the back drop along with a desktop screen that had black edged as not to set too brigh to wash out the prime color(black).


    Note: 32 inch HDMI display.


    Again because this is a HDMI TV and initially did not have any issue with a HDMI Monitor(LG: 23 inch) I have not played with any setting against the LG display. Would you? (23 vs 32 no contest)


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    End of Part I


    So went for the new mac mini late 2012 with the the Intel HD 4000.


    This Discussion focused mainly on that because with SL the display was so crisp and clear.


    The fix for me due to how the new display auto detects and seem to also do continued scan for display you should note the following when working with your Monitors or TV/HDMI Monitors:


    Make sure you have a good HDMI cable - don't cut  corners.

    Athough spoiled with other mini's both Intel macmini1,1 and Nvidia macmini3,1, one never had to play with the color display profiles or make major adjustments to the Monitor Default settings.


    With the new macmini6,1 not so lucky; but good news with the Monitor Tweaks and Display Color Tweaks I go a much better looking display output.


    One test that can also show that the drivers have a lot to do with this. Screen Sharing; bring up you SL system on most likely a system with different Video Adapter and you will see ML is just as crisp and sharp. ( turn off adaptive and use full quality.) As a side comment it is fast with an i7


    Video : Intel HD 4000

              issue default display to bright - work around fix

              issue display menu bar has no resolution setting - created app with automator

              issue resolution - higher display require new color profile

              issue display menu bar - menu extra works with 10.8.1 but not with 10.8.2 - work around fix

              issue flicker - auto detection of display related to poor video adapter parameters or drivers


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