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this just strated the other day... When I text (iphone 5)  to my Email Address, the text goes to my GF's Iphone 4.  It shows in the screen my email address. Her contact info on my Iphone 5 doesnt have my email attatched, if I email to my phone number my iphone 5 gets it in the same text thread.


The only thing i see is when I text to my email (that goes to her iphone 4) it says Imessage, when i email to "9519XX2160@vzwpix.com" it comes in to the same thread as "text message". 


Where is the "translatetion" from my email to her phone number happening?  I cant image she did this to my phone.


So to be clear "Text to Email" goes to her iphone4 as a text message.  I sent a pic to my email and somehow it ended up ging to her!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1