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This is going to be a long one - so please bare with me ;-)

Since I updated to 9.1.7 Logic Pro is starting just fine but hangs as soon as the start screen disappears.

The only thing I get is the darn wheel of death (Logic is not responding and I have to force quit).


I tried everything: repaired permissions, deleted the logic preference files, started without audio drivers and plugins, reinstalled the ProKit.framework etc.

No go! 32 bit or 64 bit - no difference...


So I installed the whole thing from scratch. Version 9.0.0 starts just fine, opens templates, new and old songs without problems.

Then I made a copy of version 9.0.0 and updated straight to 9.1.7 (via Software Update).


I spend hours in the interwebs and stumbled upon the "deny-logic-any-network-activity- trick".

Playing with that I made the following observations (I'll refer to network on and off ):


- Starting Logic from the Dock or Finder:

Network on and off -> Logic freezes and shows the wheel of death.


- Open old projects by double clicking the files in the finder:

Network on -> Logic freezes & shows the wheel of death.

Network off -> Logic is starting and loading these files just fine.

                     When I try (with an old song open) to create a new song however – it hangs again.


- Changing the startup behaviour to "Ask me what to do..." (in the general preferences):

Network on -> Logic freezes & shows the wheel of death.

Network off -> 1. "Open last file" = working

                      2. "Open another existing song..." = working

                      3. "Create new song from template..." = not working (Logic freezes)

                      4. "Create new empty project…" = working


The problem is the same for 32bit and 64bit...


Oh and yes, I'm "legit" since version 6!!

By the way: I have the "boxed" version...


Is it a "user-rights" problem, templates f****k up, licensing?


Any ideas? Suggestions? I'm clueless here… :(



Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Mac Pro 1,1