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I've created a slidehow in Keynote '09, it's a little big with 117 slides, images on every one, music looped throughout and three videos that have their own specific timing on the slide to last as long as the video. I've created it with the intent to export it to a movie using quicktime and burn it to a DVD that will automatically play by itself.


Now as far as I know, there isn't anything wrong with the way I created it, but everytime I export it, it won't play properly. Music soundtrack works fine, but it only shows the first slide for like, 5 minutes instead of the 4 seconds it was set two, and then it goes to the second slide for a while and then back to first slide. When I preview the file outside of quicktime it shows me everything is there and playing fine except the videos, but when the file is open it isn't working and I can't burn it to a DVD. I need everything to play automatically, especially the videos.


Any suggestions for someone who is kind of technologically challenged would be appreciated, I've tried tutorials and youtube, none I can find apply to my issues.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)