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Is it possible to restore a few items (pics and vids) from Time Machine without having to restore the entire library?



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    No the only (approved) way is to restore the entire library and then export the bits you want. Once you've done that you can delete the restored library.




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    Scott Loeffler Level 2 Level 2 (475 points)

    Thanks, but seems a little hinky to me.  I want a few pics, so I have to restore 268 gigs worth of data?  OH well...  Looks like I need to find a better solution.

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    Thanks, but seems a little hinky to me.


    Scott, remember, that Aperture does not actually store the images as image files - It stores all information on how to render the image version, when the user wants to view or export the image. Until then, the image version does not really exist - it is in limbo until rendered. That is why the Aperture library and the database inside are necessary to produce an image.

    Time Machine holds your Aperture library, but as an incremental backup, distributed between many backup sessions, so you cannot open it as a library and let Aperture create image versions. What you can extract using Time Machine backups, are Previews and original image files for managed masters/originals, if you know the import session of the original media files. The Aperture library package contains two folders with image files: "Masters" and "Previews". If it suffices for you to find the original master image files and you do not need the edited versions, do the following:

    • You can use Aperture to determine the import session when you imported the image or video (Import session is one of the Metadata tags, that you can display in the Info panel in the Inspector pane),
    • Then open your Aperture library package in the Finder by selecting it and ctrl-clicking it. Select "Show Package Contents". Open the "Masters" folder inside. It is organized by the date of the import session. Open the subfolders corresponding to the import date you are looking for.
    • With the folder open in the Finder and still selected, enter Time Machine: Then dive back in time, until you see the image file or video you want to restore appear inside the folder. Select the image and ctrl-click, to bring up the "Restore" options. Select to "restore to" some folder outside the Aperture library.


    In the same way you can restore single previews from the package.





    Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 09.36.54MEZ.png


    Added: When you are backing up your original master image files when importing into Aperture (highly recommended), then it would be much easier to use the backup of your originals to restore single images.