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Any idea of a wifi fix soon for the ipad 3? I purchased this on the March 2012 launch and did not mind paying extra to get a quality product....so I thought. Don't even get me started about the new...edition 4 ipad coming out a few months after I shelled out $500 bucks plus tax for what I have.


I have tried all the usual suggested fixes, and used 4 different routers with same results.....not at all happy Apple. Really it has been since IOS 6 has come out...so I should be fair...as have loved my ipad before that.


Since the release of the new os...I have seen the iPhone 5, mini ipad and ipad 4 come out......it leaves me to wonder how these can be released with these issues....and still not have a fix for this by now. Really a big disappointment, especially since the requirement of the ipad requires wifi for most of its function.


Hope to see a fix soon Apple. I am a future customer right?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1