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I noticed my Mac started to run with a substantial amount of lag when I booted it up today, despite several reboots. The pinwheel seems to come up and spin for a few seconds after about half the actions I take, seemingly at random (scrolling down a window, typing in a doc, refreshing a webpage, etc) Last night I installed Stuffit expander before shutting the computer off and everything seemed to be working normally.

Someone advised me to fix permissions, but the process is moving slowly (I think) and says it wont be complete for 9 hours. I don’t know if this is accurate, as it has already run for two hours and the bar hasn’t moved.


I’m running OS 10.7.3 on a 13 inch MacBook Pro with 2.5 GHz intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of memory.


My percent user CPU is about 1-5%, and my percent system cpu is about 1-2 percent (with word, adobe reader, Mail and Safari running).

My system memory shows 532 KB of page outs and 19.6 MB swap used.

My kernel.log has no error messages and no repeat lines. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I realized I never asked a question:


    Do you know why my computer has suddenly slowed down?

    If you need any more information, I'll happily post.

    Thank you for your time, your advice is very much appreciated!

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    Can you tell us how much RAM  (Memory) you have? It's listed by clicking on the  in your title  bar....go to About This Mac and it's in the 1st window.

    We would also like to know what size hard drive you have and how much free space is on it.

    If you click on your Hard drive icon (should be upper right hand corner of your screen), or the Finder in your Dock...when the window opens it says at the bottom how much Free Space you have on your drive.

    If you go to the , click on About This Mac, click on More Info... in that window. The next window says how big your hard drive is under Hardware....click on Serial-ATA.....look under Capacity:

    We need to know this cause if a hard drive is too full it slows things down and creates operational difficulties.