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I purchased a 32gb iPhone 5 - Black+Slate, Verizon from the Apple Store last Sunday.  I am running iOS 6.0.1.  Since then, it has been vibrating in my pocket without any apparent cause.  This occassionally happens when I apply pressure to the upper left corner of the phone, and it has also happened while I have had the phone unlocked as well, displaying the silent mode symbol and vibrating.  I'm beginning to suspect that this is a hardware defect with either the vibrating motor or the silent switch, and want to know if anybody can confirm that this is a known defect or issue.  I am concerned that if I don't address it, I won't be eligible for a replacement phone. 

This issue does not concern my ability to determine if the phone is set to silent mode or not, nor my vibrate settings.  This is a vibration that occurs randomly, and transiently.  I have also tried a hard reset, switching from silent to normal mode, and restoring the phone.

Should I just have it replaced?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, Verizon, Black and Slate, 32gb