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I have two, related questions about log in passwords, the admin account password and the standard account password, in Mountain Lion 10.8.2.  The first question is whether they have  any value except to prevent someone from logging into the computer while in the same room with it.  Do those passwords have any other value?  For example, do they provide security to the computer from attacks through the Internet?  Consider a computer user who is certain that no one except him ever enters the room that the computer is in.  Does he need a strong admin password or standard account password?  Is there anything wrong or unsafe with a black password for such a person?



The second question concerns system preferences, security and privacy preferences panel, advanced panel.  There is a box which may be checked if one wants the computer to require an administrator's password to access locked preferences.  Does checking that box have any value if the only person in the room with the computer is the person who should be there?  For example, does checking that box make the computer safer against attacks through the Internet?



I suppose that, if no unauthorised person is ever near the computer, it is safe to use a blank password and leave that advanced box unchecked.  Am I right?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)