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I'm using garageband 09 on OS 10.6.8  and it's always worked fine. But a few days ago, while working on a project, the red line started lagging behind the audio. So what I see in the editor is not what is actually playing, it's a beat behind it. And when I copy a region and paste it, instead of pasting it right at the red line, it pastes it a beat ahead of it. I can still work on the project, but it is a bit confusing since the audio isn't matching the red line in the track area or the editor. I've tried closing every other program, restarting GB, restarting the whole computer and it's still doing it. I've tried renaming the file. I've tried deleting all the tracks, renaming the file and pasting them back in. Still the same.

GarageBand '09, Mac OS X (10.6.8)