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I am trying to view information from a website the uses the TIFF format.  I have been trying to download Alterna Tiff on my PC but really have to jump through hoops on my PC because of Quick Time Player.  However, Quick Time does not open the file on my MAC. When I try to open the file I get a blank screen that simply says TIFF viewer missing Is there a specific download I can use for this?

Power Mac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Just drag it to Preview's icon, or use it's Open menu.

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    You can also use your browser - Safari, Firefox, etc - to view .tiff image files. In the Menu under File, select Open File.


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    Are you trying to view the TIFF images on a patent web site. Patents use a special version of TIFF and not all Mac TIFF readers work. If it's specifically patents you are viewing, look at this program:




    It's what I use. Note it's PPC only, which is a good thing in this case!

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    To view Tiff file images online through a web browser on MAC OSX, such as patent images at the USPTO, use Firefox (not Safari) with Accordex's AcellTiffviewer plugin. 


    It is only 32 bit for now so it requires re-opening firefox in 32 bit mode.  However, they are working on a rewirte to 64 bit instructions. 


    There is a trial mode that is free for a while and then requires payment of a fee. 

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    It is only 32 bit for now...


    The Macs in this forum are 32-bit anyway--all made before 2006.