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My organization is currently using MobileIron for MDM, and a number of our users are on iPhone 4 and 4S.  One of the users recently changed their password, and promptly forgot the new password.  After several failed attempts to unlock the device, the user claims that it started the device wipe without any warning prompt prior to starting the wipe.  While these devices are allowed under our "Bring Your Own Device" policy, we do not support them directly, and do not have a test device on which I can verify that this is in fact occurring.  I wanted to run this by the larger community to see if anyone else has used MobileIron with the iPhone 4/4S, and can confirm if this is in fact normal for these devices to wipe after the pre-determined number of failed logins without prompting the user.  Any input is greatly appreciated!





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    I work for a major UK partner of MobileIron. What you are describing is expected behaviour if you have the "Maximum Number of Failed Attempts" setting set (not 0) in whichever security policy is applied to the device in question. You can determine this by looking at the 'Policies' section of the 'Device Details' panel for that device.