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From the post I have reviewed and the support (not given) by Apple, I think this Nano 6th gen has a BUG (or poor design) that should be fixed by Apple.


I mainly use my nano to listen to books I download from the library.  I have found 3 issues with the nano that I had not experianced with the Sansa Clip.


1. There is no way to Bookmark my position in the book.  (this could not be done on the Sansa clip either).

2. Upon turning off power and then restarting, the Audiobook looses it's place.  It loops to a previously listened to position.  (this worked great on the Sansa clip).

3. The screen give an incorrect position of want is currently playing.  I went to the NOW PLAYING screen and swiped over the 2nd screen on the right.  It states the current play position as Chapter 10 of 23, but upon going to the Audio Book button, selecting the book, scrolling down to my Track and then chapter, if it displayed correctly it would state Track 30, chapter 10.  The screen does not state the track?  This is not helpful.


I am disappointed that a firmware update to this known issue has not been published by apple yet.

iPod nano, Windows 7