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Hello all, does anyone know what is apple doing to correct ipad2 wifi issues?

When we bought our ipad2, a few months ago, it came with iOS 5.something (whichever was the previous iOS at the time). We were generally happy we finally made the jump to apple, mainly for the User interface experience, the simplicity of getting online quickly, not being encumbered by software issues, etc. you know, everything the "I" was hyped up to be. So when apple decided to release the ios6, we figured must be good, right? Well, not exactly. We read the cnet, etc reviews about the iOS update (didn't download right away), but figured apple would fix the dropped wifi connections, slower than previous iOS wifi connections, and the (gasp!) frozen web pages. Probably the worst is when the sites youve logged into are "refreshed" dropping you right out of login status.

That was end of September 2012, right? Since we're new to the i, how long exactly have apple vets had to wait in the past for the company to live up to its reputation? Can anyone offer any suggestions re: uninstalling iOS 6.01/ reinstalling the previous working iOS 5.x; is there a fix in the works that apple can stand behind; are there known incompatabilites w certain routers that might be at fault ( although its the same router from before the " upgrade" ) ... Any positive suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

iPad 2 Wi-Fi
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    Look for a firmware update for your WiFi router on the router manufacturer's support web page.


    If you need more help please state the make, model and version of the WiFi router that you are using.

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    Hello jimhdk, Thanks for the quick response. The router specs:

    Verizon fios wifi router mi 424 wr by actiontec. Went to the vrizon fios site, no firmware update available. Went to manufacturer's site found the PDF. Www.support.actiontec.com/doc_files/MI424WR_Firmware_Upgrade.pdf

    I will try this let everyone know.