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I drive a 2012 Elantra with Bluetooth capabilities. I've successfully connected it to my iPhone 4S, but I can't seem to connect it to my new iPod nano. I can successfuly pair them, and get the iPod nano to say that it is connected (though the loading cursor will continuously circle next to "Devices"). However, my car stereo does not recognize it as connected. The only response I will get from my car is if during a connection attempt, I turn off the Bluetooth toggle on the iPod it will say "Connection failed." If I leave it toggled on, it will never say "Connection failed".... it will just never connect.


Has anyone had a similar issue connecting to speakers, headphones, or their car? I'm not even sure if it's an iPod problem or an Elantra problem, but I'm inclined to think it's an iPod problem, because my iPhone has Bluetooth 4.0 and will successfully connect.

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