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I recently upgraded my computer.  The new iMac already had Lion and Quicktime 10 on it.  My previous computer had Quicktime Pro 7.7 which I used extensively.  The new quicktime 10 does not have the exporting features I am used to and I can't find anywhere to even purchase a Quicktime Pro 10.  How do I get these export capabilities back?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), FCS 3
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    There is no QuickTime Pro 10. You need to download QuickTime 7 and apply the key to it.



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    Beyond the missing pro functions, the slider is horrible, jkl controls do not work (or work backward), even the way the movie lands on the screen is screwy.  Quicktime 10 seems to be an inferior product.  Its another Final Cut Studio X.  Apple delivers us a new improved product that is a step backward.


    Thank you for the advice.  I found that I actually still had Quicktime 7 Pro, but it had been moved to the Utilities folder when the new Quicktime was found.  I'm changing that to the default program for .mov files etc.  I do not understand how or why Apple would continue to do these things to their loyal customers.

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    QT 10.2 and the timeline slider is wierd... sometimes it shows as centered indicator and I can't move timeline?  Little bit later it's functioning normal... very strange and not good.

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    Your problem is not the same as that of the original poster of this thread, and it can be very confusing for everybody if we try to answer more than one question in each thread.


    In order for us to give your problem our undivided attention to try to solve it, would you kindly start your own thread, describing the trouble you are having in the fullest detail, including completing your details to show what Mac you are using, what operating system, and what version of the application in question.

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    Thx Klaus but i was just venting... I've spent enought time during the 10-15 minutes I spent searching the forums for an answer to no avail... so my answer is not to use QT10... I'll just use my old QT7...