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had my faulty iphone replaced at the shop, but the fool forgot to replace the sim card. He asured me that when I cuppled up to my computer everything would be back as it was and that all my stuff would be back. I now have a new empty phone which I cannot use. I am a self employed plasterer and need to contact a client and organise with my partner work for tomorrow. NIGHTMARE.......LIVID!!!


My 4 yr old has lost my wifes iphone and we now only have access to this laptop to contact apple. It just gets worse!!


To top the evening off I returned to the apple store to exchange my little girls brand new ipod touch before we came home to find out the above. (which has been through the wash!) I was informed that I could exchange the faulty one and seventy five pounds for a new ipod touch like for like.  However Gavin (the cocky apple worker) refused to let me pay and swap the ipod. He said I would have to wait for over two hours to be served even though my 4 & 5 yr old daughters were there with me and that i would have to return at a later date.  I explained my dilemma, Gavin became arsey and strongly refused.  If he was here now!!!!!!!!!


I have searched through the super apple site, cannot find where or if it is possible to sort this without me having to either wait until next week for an appointment or drive all the way back there to erupt at the idiot who ballsd up and shake Gavins head! (joking)


How do I contact them to sort a sim PLEASE?


I so hope that I dont need a sim card or that its me who has got it wrong.......


Thank you for any assistance.


ps I never complain. ever (seriously)

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1