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Are there any games in the app store that will play on a 1st gen. ipod touch?  Just bought this and I keep getting the message that the ios is too old for the apps I select.

iPod touch, iOS 3.1.3
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    Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,030 points)

    1st gen iPod touch runs up to iPhone OS 3.1.3.  So first, make sure you have updated the OS to the latest possible version.  You can check on the iPod's Summary tab, when the iPod is connected and selected in the iTunes sidebar, under DEVICES.


    After that, it's just a matter of finding a game works with 3.1.3.  Use iTunes on your computer, instead of trying to use the App Store on the iPod's small screen.


    The OS requirement is stated in the game description, where it says Requirements.  This is how I would find games that work with 3.1.3, because the currently "featured" games are too new.


    On the iTunes Store screen, select the App Store and the Games category.  Toward the top, make sure you are filtering on iPhone apps (not iPad).  At the bottom of the column along the right side of the screen, find MORE GAMES and select a type of game, such as Action.


    Find the section that says All Action iPhone Apps, select to filter on Paid or Free, and click on See All.  Where it says Sort By, select Release Date.  The listing is now sorted by release date of the game, from newest to oldest.  Since games that support 3.1.3 are more likely to be older, at the bottom of the listing, go to the LAST available page.  You can start from there and work your way forward "in time."    Happy hunting...

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    Thanks so much for the detailed help. I'm just learning how to use the iPod for more than email. Have a great day!

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    Hi stlwinner.


    Hope you've found some games to play. 


    I'm in the same predicament, however, I don't even know how to update to 3.1.3.  Do you have a link I could go to?  Couldn't find it on iTunes at all. Any instructions would be grateful, too.


    I'd really appreciate any help you, or anyone can give. 



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    This article explains the two methods to update iOS devices.  However, before iOS 5, there was only one way (using iTunes), so that's how you would do it...




    Look toward the bottom to "drop down" the second part of the document, where is says Update your device using iTunes.

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    Thanks so much for the quick reply!


    I tried this and it says my device is up-to-date....2.2.1


    Any other advice?  I feel like a kid in a candy store with no money.    Have the iPod...but can't use it. 



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    Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,030 points)

    Sorry about that...  I forgot that early iPod touch OS upgrades (before iOS 4) carried a small fee ($4.95 in this case for upgrading the OS).  Because of the way Apple did their "accounting" back then, they did not charge for the same iPhone upgrade, but said they were required to charge a nominal fee for iPod touch.  Starting with iOS 4, there was no fee for both iPod touch and iPhone OS upgrades.  Unfortunately, the 1st gen iPod touch (like the first gen iPhone) cannot run iOS 4.


    This article has the details about how to do it, including the link to purchase the upgrade.




    Since it's version 3.1, you may need to follow the previously linked article to update from 3.1 to 3.1.3 (unless "3.1" means 3.1.3 is installed).  That one is free...

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    Thanks again!    Will try this tonight when I get home from work.


    Keeping my fingers crossed.


    Have you had any experience with the 1st gen and will this upgrade allow a few or a lot of apps/games?  Just wondering.  Not a big deal.



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    Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,030 points)

    I have a 1st gen iPhone (that I use with a "pre-paid" wireless account).  1st gen iPhone is basically like a 1st gen iPod touch, in terms of OS upgrade limitation (3.1.3) and apps it can run (I don't have a 1st gen iPod touch).


    Try the approach I described in my first reply (to the original topic poster).  You should find plenty of older apps (including games) that work with a 1st gen iPod touch that runs 3.1.3.  In fact, you should try it now, even if the OS is only 2.2.1 currently.  That way, you can try it with some free apps before paying the $4.95 to upgrade the OS to 3.1.3.

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    It worked!!!  Upgraded to 3.1.3!!!  I decided to just spend the $4.95. 


    Thank you so much for your help.  I'm hooked on electronics but am leary in making changes/updating, etc. in fear I'll mess something up.  Being my first Apple product, I was extra nervous.  Very easy tho with your help!


    Thanks again!  Hope you're around in case I need any other advice.  Take care!



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    I have the same problem also. Just bought 2 ipod touch 1st generation for my daughters. The popular games such as Angry Birds, Where is my water, ut the rope, etc will not work...

    I have the latest version OS 3.1.3 on them.

    Really wish Apple would make finding apps more easy, by letting you refine the search by OS...

    Here are some games, (kids) that do work:

    123 Color HD

    Mega Panda

    Air Penguin


    Dizzy Bee

    Doodle Jump Free

    Yellow Fins

    Lingu Pingu

    Paint Sparkles

    Hamster Ball


    Birds'n'Blocks 2

    Bed Bugs Lite

    These were all free, but i wouldn't mind buying apps if they either if they are good and work on the first generation ipod touch.

    Hope this helps somebody, will add more as I find them...

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    Thank you sooo much!!

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    I just started another post here https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4666795


    Hopefully others will help us in the search for games for older ipods and add to the list!

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    Hello! I have a special place in my heart for the older devices... Hopefully the stars will show up on everyone's computers, the stars next to the apps mean those will work with the 1st generation devices (Along with the 2nd generation devices) the ones with out the stars will work with the 2nd generation devices only, but all apps on the list should work with the 2nd generations. There are still very many more apps that will work in the AppStore, it just takes some hunting! Don't look on the featured app page, all of those will be too new. Search for generic things, and I found that sorting by release date gives me the best luck! Good luck!



    B.I.T.S Pinball free 

    Yellow fins 

    ICEE Racing

    Glow Doodle Snake 

    High tide

    Downhill bowling lite 

    Doodle buddy  

    Doodle army 2:Mini Militia

    Doodle jump 

    Doodle jump: HOP 

    Jelly car 1-3 

    Rail maze 

    Parachute ninja 

    3d pixel racing lite


    Tic tac glow

    Top tic tac toe 

    Word search free 

    Air penguin free 

    Angry birds free

    3d mini golf challenge


    flow free 

    Spy mouse 


    Fishbowl racer 

    Bubble mania

    Bomb factory 2

    Fancy pants adventures


    Top gear: stunt school revolution

    Epic fail for iPhone 

    Gravity guy free! 

    Ski on neon free


    Tiki golf HD FREE 

    Beetle mania

    Baseball superstars 2011 

    Angry Gran

    Ping pong-insanely addictive! 

    Ishoot 2 lite

    Paper toss 2.0



    Johnny English reborn

    Sonic and SEGA ALL-STARS Racing 



    World explorer - made for mine craft

    Top gear - where's stig?

    RC Plane 

    Car park in rush hour free

    Rush hour free 


    Text free

    Alpine crawler wild 

    Top gear: stunt school

    Touch pets cats 

    Tiny chef 

    Cloud browse 

    Tic tac toe

    Rolercoaster extreme 

    Fun with a dollar 

    Type n talk 

    Tap tap revenge 3 

    Titanic: hidden exploration lite

    Stress relief: smash edition 

    God finger 

    Smash up derby 

    Text free unlimited 

    Mars explorer 


    Finger basketball 

    Alpine crawler world 

    Vw touareg challenge 


    Flip book lite 

    Gt racing: motor academy 

    PAC-MAN Lite 


    How cast

    Flit it! Lite 


    California gold rush

    Glow hockey 2 free 

    Traffic rush 

    Jungle crash land 

    Lego photo 

    Ferrari GT: Evolution  


    Computer music:make music now, volume 1 

    Furballs! Lite 

    AOL radio

    20q Mind Reader free 

    Sheep stacker lite 

    Toobz free

    Tower bloxx deluxe FREE

    Parachute panic HD Lite 

    Real racing GTI

    Rat on the run 

    Cows in space 

    Touch pets dogs 

    Crazy smashing computer 

    iZen Garden lite 

    Bubble snap 

    Doodle ships 

    Lite bike free

    Pug mop screen 

    A mood pad

    Water slide extreme 

    Paper toss 

    BMW Z4 lite 

    Volkswagen polo 

    Volkswagen scirocco 

    Stunt car racing 99 tracks free 

    Christmas countdown w/music

    Harbor master free 

    Drop four in a row 

    SculptMaster 3D FREE 

    Fortune cookies 

    Ibash cars lite


    Dude, your car! Free 

    FaceGoo lite

    Optical illusions 

    Ipedometer lite 

    Crash test free

    Scary prank 

    Garfield daily

    Pinball HD lite


    Super scratchers 

    Police siren (free)


    MADDEN NFL 12 

    Money oragami LITE 

    Americas funniest home videos

    Torpedo run



    Dogs spot the difference 

    Air cooled classics magazine

    Polish word of the day 

    Walkie talkie standard 

    Guitar tuner


    Chinese checkers lite 

    Checkers FS5 

    Free checkers game

    Teeny checkers free 

    Game of life classic 


    Coin flip free 

    Coin flip- the difficult decision maker 

    Film Set- Sound and clapper board 

    Keynote remote

    Spider solitaire 

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    First off, thank you soooo much for compiling this list.  I recently decided to resuscitate my first generation iphone for my 5-year-old-daughter to play with because she keeps stealing my ipad mini. 


    But, like most people, I had a devil of a time trying to figure out which apps would work and which ones wouldn't.  Once I'm done, I will definitely contribute to this thread my own findings.


    I don't see any stars on the above list though.  Can anybody give me a list of specifically 3.1.3 (7E18) apps that work?


    Thanks in advance!