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I just recorded an hour and a half lession from my 2009 MBP (2.53ghz, 8GB Ram, 80GB of space left).  This was straight from iMovie using the iSight camera (which ***** but oh well).  I go to edit it and find the audio is completely off by a hair (looks like the audio was overdubbed from a different language).  I don't understand how this can be when I am only using iMovie and not importing from another format.  Splitting the audio in the project does nothing to fix it.  I read this is a known issue but would have figured that it would have been fixed by now.  Is there any quick and easy solution to get it back to sync?  Hopefully Mr. Ive will find these bugs before they get released in the wild in his expanded role!.

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    Was the sound out of sync in the Event Browser, or just the Project Browser? And if the latter, what frame rate is your project set to? I've found changing frame rates causes some problems. 15->30 should be okay, but 15->24 could be problematic. In one case the Event Browser labelled my original iSight footage as being 14 fps!