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    its not a ram problem if you read the above , but the trouble is it keep re developing .

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    For any one eld reding this i notive this only happen when trying to ecport in share on HD 1080  format .



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    Spoke to soon this and the next dow in size also Error

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)

    A. This is not Apple - it is Users trying to help other Users - Non (or very very few paid or in contact with Apple)


    To contact them - use



    B. About creating a new User Account


    I created new account shut down opened it , opened I movie,  closed down back into my account to export the Movie. Stillt he same message Error 49 .. will there be some fix up date on this?


    Yes - the error will not go away when creating a new User - THEN Going back to the original one.

    • When creating a new User - there is also created a new folder with a New Library with New and Error free Pref. files.


    When You change back to the old User account - You also get back to the old Library with the eventually problematic files.


    Why then ? - IT is a way to test if this might be the problem.

    • New User

    • iMovie working OK

    • THEN one know that finding the Old Library and trashing the old iMovie Pref and Cache files might most probably help.


    • If iMovie do not get any better in the New Account - then the problem most probably is something else.


    Yours - running out of ideas - Hopefully others with more skill can fill in and help - Bengt W

  • diveactive Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes  deleting the info of I movie within pref   file in library does help But have to repeat the action now and then.

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