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Hi all - hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I am working a small (80 device) iPad rollout at Ovid-Elsie Area Schools in Michigan and although it seems to be working perfectly for us otherwise, I am experiencing some issues with Apple Configurator when it is working with VPP redemtion codes.


used an initial Apple ID to download and add free apps into Apple Configurator. This worked perfectly and I had no issues with adding these apps to the devices to be managed, which involves putting check marks next to all apps before pressing Prepare.


Using a second (program manager) Apple ID I purchased 2 apps (40/ea) through volume.itunes.apple.com/us.store on the same Mac Mini that runs Apple Configurator.


Using the Apple ID initially used to purchase free apps (not the ID of the VPP program manager used to purchase apps through the volume purchase site) I took the first redemption code in my downloaded spreadsheet to purchase one of the apps in iTunes. That spreadsheet went in the trash and I re-downloaded the spreadsheet, added the app to Apple Configurator (trying both the + button in the app panel and the dragging app from iTunes methods) and imported the new spreadsheet into Apple Configurator for the first time.


When the import was all take care of, the paid apps showed in the app dock along with the free apps and also displayed the number of redemption codes remaining. HOWEVER, the two rows for just the two paid apps appeared dim (grayed out) and were inactive. Meaning I was unable to select that app to be included in the Preparation of devices.


I also made sure that the Mac Mini used throughout this process was an authorized iTunes Store computer for the initial, non-VPP Apple ID. I did not select the devices to be supervised because after having so much trouble & running short on time, I wanted to be able to install the apps manually as a plan B. (which I wasn’t able to do either….) Note: I am working with Mountain Lion & iPad 6.0 software. We are using an Ergotron cart to sync with Apple Configurator.


Any thoughts? I have two elementary schools dying to use these apps immediately so any help would be greatly appreciated….


Thanks again everyone,




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    I d love to help, but don't know much about apple configurator. You know who does? Guys that made that app.

    Usually there is a support website with FAQ. Usually they also respond to emails. Normally you can find links to that info next to app, inside of App Store.

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    While I haven't yet used VPP with Configurator, your scenario is exactly how I understand it to work. Even down to re downloading the spreadsheet after you redeem in iTunes account. Curious though, since they are not supervised, can you go into the App Store on the iPads that did not get the app/s, sign in to the iTunes account where they were redeemed and download them? Not an ideal solution but may work until you can get support from Apple

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    That is a GREAT idea! Definitely couldnt hurt. Thanks!!

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    NYLink - I first tried supervised and when that didn't work, unsupervised them for the second attempt so I could enter the redemption codes manually if I needed to. I'm embarrassed to say I couldn't figure out how to enter the redemption codes manually in the app store on each device. Have you done this? Steps would be great!!!

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    You can only enter one code per iTunes account for the same app. So if you were not to use Configurator, you would enter one code into iTunes and sync the all the iPads to that iTunes account manually keeping track of your codes for any audit purposes. You could create a backup and restore to each of the iPads. I use encrypted backup. I have only used Configurator at this time to update iOS, it works very well for that and cuts down on update time greatly. I am leery of configurator with VPP because of all of the issues posted. I would have used VPP/Configurator exactly as you had stated.


    I thought from your post you were able to get all of your apps loaded except for the two that were greyed out. I was curious if you would be able to go into the App store on the one iPad that did not get the two apps because they were grayed out and sign in to the apple ID where those two apps resided ( the iTunes account you used for Configurator) and download them. I am not sure if once you associate an iTunes account to Configurator if that marks the paid apps in itunes so they can not be used. I think that it would not.


    I would also call the Apple Store support for Education. They may be able to help and or they will know your area rep.

    Good luck, Please post your outcome, I am sure there are many who would benefit. 

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    What you describe as your initial approach to installing the VPP apps should have worked fine if the devices were supervised. Configurator 1.2 and later doesn't allow you to install VPP apps on unsupervised devices because the code used to install the app on the unsupervised device would be lost. It will be burned to the admin Apple ID entered into Configurator, which means the device user won't be able to update it unless you give them the admin Apple ID password (bad idea). Configurator will also be unable to reclaim the code to reuse on another device, which is only possible for supervised devices. So that's why those apps didn't allow you to check their checkboxes. However, the apps should have been installable on supervised devices.

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    You must supervise the IPAD for the installation.

    I am not sure why or how to get around it, but just tried it after reading several posts.

    As soon as I said supervise to my "base" ipad configurator allowed me to put a check mark next to the application.

    This is with most recent update of configurator too.

    frustrating but solved

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    Bravo! A bit late, but nice.