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I had lost my iPhone 4s on the 18th of November. Had it returned to me today (29th) It worked. No visual markings or damage. It sent and recieved text messages. I was playing music in the truck with my phone and all of a sudden it said that the SIM card is invalid. I turned the phone off. Back on. No SIM detected. Pulled it out, turned the phone on, then off, inserted the SIM card and it turned it on. Searching... is all I got. I was out of service at the time this happened. When I returned to where I usually get full bars 3g status, it was searching and searching to no avail. I put it in airplane mode and it searched for two seconds and No Service. I read on what to do. Restarted it. Restored it. Nothing helped. Now I dumped everything off it, in hopes of starting over and having it work. I get to the activation page, atfter several minutes of being connected to wifi with full bars it says " Could not activate iPhone" Try iTunes or Contact support (which is sending me through loops). I plugged it into my computer and iTunes is chewing away at the iPhone and after 5-10 minutes it says " Sorry, we could not continue with your activation at this time." Wait or Contact Apple. So now Im hoping someone can help me. What do I do?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1