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My brand new iPhone 4 is not getting my contact list off of my MacBook.  Even when I sync on iTunes and check "Replace information on this iPhone ->Contacts" it adds nothing.  On my Address Book program, it lists all my contacts, but they are not syncing onto my phone.  Here are some things to note:

This iPhone 4 is replacing an iPhone 4 I bought 3 weeks ago, because it had a problem with its sim card.  Also, the "bad" iPhone 4 had more problems after I plugged it into iTunes and put my old (iPhone 3G) info on it.  Apple replaced my phone due to all the problems (many unmentioned).  Points I feel I should mention:

  • The MacBook and my old phones all shared an iTunes and iCloud ID with my husband's phone. With the phone I bought today, we still share the iTunes ID (for purchases) but I created a new iCloud ID for my new phone. 
  • All of my info on my old phones was current and backed up before I got my new phone today. 
  • Because of the problems my original iPhone 4 had after restoring the info from the iPhone 3, I was advised not to do this and to start fresh (as a "new phone").  I figured this was fine since everything was backed up on my MacBook. 


All I want to do is take the contacts on my computer and put them onto my new phone, but I have been unsuccessful on iTunes.  Of course, my husband's phone has double all his contacts PLUS my contacts....


Thank you for your time and help!

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1