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I emailed a PAGES doc from my iPad to my Desk top but now I can't add a  new page. The Section is greyed out on both the drop down menu and on my navigation.


I've tried to save it as a differnt version and export it but no luck.


Thanks for your recommendations


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    LUVOSX Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    What version of pages are you using on your desktop and are you only having this problem in this document? If this is only occuring in that doc, then it is most likely an issue with in that doc its self and not pages. If that is the case try duplicating it on you ipad and sharing it again or copy the text to a new doc. If this issue is occurning with multiple docs then you may want to try removing the pages preference file and cache folder from your user library. However, with out more information that is all just guess work.