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I have an old backup file in my iCloud account that I want to export/save to my MB but I don't see a way to do it from the System Preferences or icloud.com.

The backup was created directly from my iPhone 4s to iCloud without going through iTunes so the backup file is not in the iTunes folder that many other posts mention.


I want to export the file so I can use an extraction tool to remove the cameraroll photos from the backup file and archive the backup.  It's a large backup (4.9GB) so it has been preventing daily backups from running.  My photos are now sync'd through PhotoStream but this backup is from before I setup PhotoStream so that's why I want to extract the cameraroll photos from it (the photos are no longer on the iPhone).

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    Apple does not allow user access to the secure encrypted back up files stored on icloud, only way to retrieve the data would be to restore from that back up. The only work around I can think of that may help, is to connect your iphone to you mac and launch itunes, right click on you phone from the device list, select back up. Then restore from desired icloud back up, import camera roll to mac, then reconnect phone and  restore from itunes back up to get you phone back the way it was.Only other way is using IOS foresnsic software to DL the icloud back up file to a computer.