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I can't believe im in this situation yet again, but here's what happened:


I was in the bath tub, I went to grab something from the shelf above and behind me, and I heard it sliding and the next three events occured in about a split second; My iphone 5 was on it's way down, I yelled "Nooooo!", and then had out of the water before it had a chance to sink to the bottom and immediately wrapped it in a dry cotton tshirt.   It appeared to be completely dry when I powered it off a few seconds later. It appeared to be fine.  I felt optimistic given how quickly I responded to the situation.  I then wrapped it in dry paper towel and shook it around so the if water had gotten inside it would be tossed about, hopefully absorbing into the papertowel.  Then I took a blow dryer while it was still wrapped in paper towel and dried it through the paper towel.  My only regret was that I did apply some heat directly into the ports, thinking any moisture would evaporate that way.  I powered it back on, and it was fine.  I was late to work so I took off with the phone in my cargo pocket.  When I turned it back on a few hours later, it looked perfectly fine.  Then I noticed that the retina display had very faint horizontal lines accross the entire display.  I turned it off.  Brought it home, put it in a bag of rice, which I then hid from my partner cause I couldn't bare the shame and embarresment of having dropped yet another phone in the tub.  I think it powered itself back on, because I went to take a peak at the headphone jack to see if the indicator had turned pink, and it was on.  Then when I went to power it off, the screen went all sketchy and skewed, the power off slider was up top and smeared looking and non responsive.  I did a hard reboot, holding down both buttons or whatever, and got it to power off.  I am sooooo sad and sooooo annoyed.  I have a waterproof pouch, but I couldn't find it, and I left my phone on the granite shelf above me like an absent-minded fool. Is there any hope?  Will the apple store take pity on me?-Matt

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, a tale of water damage....