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Hi all.


I am considering trying itunes match. I just wondered if anyone uses it. What do they think of it? What does it do?


I am considering joining up but I am not sure and really would like some info from someone who has or is using it.





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    Thanks. I looked at that earlier. It was mainly if someone used it and what they thought of it.

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    It's good when it works, but there have been a few instances recently where it's not worked for some people for a couple of days. There are some problems at the moment, probably related to lots of people having a play with iTunes 11, so probably not the best time to try it.

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    ok thanks.

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    I love it, other people hate it. It depends on what you need, and how well iTunes Match meets your needs.


    It allows you to listen to your music on your phone or another computer - without syncing - as long as you have a wifi connection (or, if you choose, by cellular but that will use up some of your data plan). When you don't have a network connection, you can still listed to some music, as long as it was recently played on your phone or you manually downloaded it from the cloud.


    Most of the people who I've run into who really hated iTunes Match had problems with it because they wanted to maintain some control (or more control) over exactly what songs were on their phone. But iTunes Match is meant to work without syncing - so you lose some control. And it's not perfect, so some people complain because the matching doesn't match in cases when they think it should, or it gets the "clean" version of a song instead of the "explicit", or because a playlist doesn't sync perfectly (iTunes 11 may fix some of these problems - especially the playlist syncing, but I haven't had a chance to verify anything yet). A few people experience crashes or never-ending-matching, usually caused by a particular song that it chokes on, but it can be really tough to figure out which song it's choking on so they never get past that stage.


    It's also definitely not a replacement for Pandora or Last.fm, or other streaming services. This is for listening to music that you already own, with the expectation that you will keep your original files on at least one of your computers.


    If you have $25 to spare, it's definitely worth trying out for a year. If you don't like it, turn it off and cancel the renewal, no harm done except for losing $25.