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my phone get to hot to handle after the data limit is reached on my unlimited plan (how ironic) thru att. the phones battery goes dead extreamly fast and this can not be good for the phone or its battery.I have had 2 iphones  which did this so its not a idividual phone problem, The data speeds are slowed to the point where nothing will load,the phone chokes,and  the little piwheel keeps turning but nothing happens, it will try to load a page until I stop it from damaging my phone as it has displayed high temperature on the screen and shut down on me before. Att has told me i have a defective phone, I returned it for another there is no difference and my new phone is getting way to hot and im sureley damaging my new phone/battery.Ohh Yhea after the update cant shut it off!!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1