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I got my Ipad 2 a year ago as a gift.

It was working fine until i upgraded to ios6. Ever since then it keeps restarting every 2 minutes. I read a lot of other posts of people with similar problems so I tried everything.

First i did the 2 button press thing, it restarted but did not fix the problem.

Then I restored it from iTunes but that didnt work either.

Then the Ipad completely died and would not charge.

Then I took it to the istore where he told me to take it to some hardware guy who was in a different city.(I live in India so every city doesnt have everything )

Later it miraculously came back to life for a few minutes and then i got the message to upgrade to iOS6.0.1. and i thought this may solve the problem.

After i had downloaded the update on my mac iTunes said the ipad 2 isnt compatable with this update but strangely the update got installed on the ipad anyway.

And now it dies instantly when I take it off the wall power supply

So in the end

1)My ipad still restarts all the time.

2)I cant restore it from iTunes because it says this ipad isnt compatible.(its not even detected sometimes)

3)Im starting to get a little cheesed.

Anyone know what to do?

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1